Amman Jordan

No visit to Jordan would be complete without a visit to the capital city of Amman. Visitors to this fascinating area will be met with a wide array of appealingly stark contrasts. For example, the downtown retail district is largely made up of new buildings, but everywhere there is evidence of the Amman’s ancient origins. The physical location of Amman lends itself to contrast as well, as it is situated directly between the dry desert and the lush Jordan Valley.

Amman is relatively temperate in climate, compared to the rest of Jordan. Because of the climate, coupled with Amman’s modern-day prosperity, a large percentage of Jordan’s citizens live in or near Amman. It is estimated that almost half of Jordan’s population lives within the immediate area of Amman. The people of Amman are generally very warm and welcoming, and are very receptive towards tourists and people wishing to learn about their culture or history.

When planning a trip to Jordan, Amman should definitely be on your list. In fact, it’s a great base of operations so to speak, even if you plan on exploring the rest of Jordan. The fertile Jordan Valley is just a short drive away from Amman, making it easy to take a day-trip to go hiking, biking, or simply sightseeing. Horse riding enthusiasts will find themselves at home in and around Amman, and will enjoy the plethora of riding centers in the area.

Amman itself has become somewhat touristy over the years, but it has still retained its rich culture and vibe. If you do wish to indulge in “western activities”, there are plenty of options in and around Amman. There are many water parks in the area, as well as paintball facilities, golf courses, and much more. Aerial sports are also very popular in Amman, with several companies offering activities such as skydiving, hot air ballooning, parachuting, and more!

If you plan on visiting Amman, be sure to plan a trip to the King Hussein National Park. Located on the western outskirts of Amman, this large National Park is home to a wide array of activities. Most notable perhaps is the Cultural Village, a museum of sorts that highlights the rich culture and history of Amman and Jordan as a whole. Visit the Cultural Village to learn about Arabic calligraphy, natural dye making, stone inscription, and various other traditional crafts and activities. Also in the King Hussein National Park you will find beautiful themed gardens, as well as an auditorium where events are regularly held. It’s easy to spend an entire day just exploring this park!

Amman is one of those cities that come alive at night. If nightlife is appealing to you, come to Amman! Nightclubs have become very popular in recent years, and seem to be popping up left and right. Amman is home to many international restaurants, many of which offer live entertainment at night. Theatres and cinemas host plays and screen films, both old and new. Street venders serve delicious delicacies day and night, and young people flock to nightclubs and bars. Overall, Amman is a very accessible and fun city to spend some time in!




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