Aqaba Jordan

Aqaba is one of the best tourist attractions that Jordan has to offer. In fact, in some ways it is a lively blend of just about everything that makes Jordan popular amongst travelers. Aqaba’s rich and fascinating history make it a top choice amongst history buffs. Excellent visitor services and facilities make trips to Aqaba easy and straightforward, while first-class hotels and resorts make trips comfortable and upscale. The welcoming, friendly locals are also a big plus, as is the warm climate. Aqaba is also an excellent base of operations for travelers looking to explore Jordan, especially considering Aqaba is just a short trip away from Wadi Rum, one of the most commonly visited tourist attractions in all of Jordan.

Aqaba’s biggest asset, however, is the nearby Red Sea. The local climate and water patterns form a near-perfect environment for a huge variety of sea life, including amazingly beautiful coral reefs. The Red Sea is said to offer one of the best snorkeling/diving experiences in the world. Scuba diving and snorkeling are a big attraction at Aqaba, so it’s no surprise that the city has a variety of diving centers. Most of these centers have indoor training facilities, skilled instructors, and fleets of vessels to take tourists out to some of the most beautiful diving spots. There are even scheduled night dives available, which can give you a completely different look at the ocean and its marine life. Alternatively, you can simply rent equipment and head out on your own.

If diving isn’t your thing, there is another way to see the sights of the beautiful Red Sea. A variety of companies in Aqaba provide tours in glass-bottom boats, or even glass-bottom submarines. These provide a safer, dryer way to see the wonderful marine life of this amazing sea. There are also a variety of seaside resorts, where you can choose to kick back on the warm sandy beaches and just relax. For more adventurous folks, a variety of water sports are offered in and around Aqaba, such as waterskiing and jet skiing.

For you history buffs out there, Aqaba is sure to delight. Located in the axes of several ancient trade routes, Aqaba served a very important role in many ancient cultures and their trade. Because of this, many significant and interesting historical buildings and locations are within the city limits of Aqaba. The most notable historical location in this area is an ancient church, widely considered to be the oldest purpose-built church in the world.

Overall, Aqaba is a fantastic place to visit. The nearby Aqaba International Airport make it easy to get to from virtually anywhere in the world, and its proximity to Wadi Rum, Saudi Arabia and Egypt make it a common starting point for many travelers. Aqaba is a location that is sure to delight, and it should not be missed on any trip to Jordan!



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