Hammamat Ma’In/Ma’In Hot Springs

When visiting the nearby Dead Sea, be sure to visit the Ma’In Hot Springs, as well!

Hammamat Ma’In or Ma’In Hot Springs are definitely not to be missed while traveling in Jordan.  The hot springs, which lay 264 metres (866 feet) below sea level, are well known throughout the world and believed by many to have healing powers.  The waters are mineral rich, and tourists from all over the world, as well as locals flock there every year to bathe themselves and to seek healing.

The high season in Jordan is from March to May, but February is often the perfect time to visit the hot springs, as the tourists are fewer in number. The mild winter climate makes it still possible to enjoy bathing in the waters, though it is winter.  The climate in Jordan is a Mediterranean style climate, meaning that the temperature fluctuations are not too drastic…the farther from the sea, the more drastic the fluctuations.  Jordan has a semi-dry summer season with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  During the winter, the temperature averages 13 degrees Celsius, or 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  As you can see, bathing in the hot springs that dot the land of this region is possible year round!

The Ma’In Hot Springs lie far beneath sea level, and sit on the edge of the Wadi Mujib, which is a gorge historically known as Arnon.  This gorge feeds the Dead Sea, at 1,350 feet below sea level!  The mineral rich waters are a by-product of the water falls that begin in the highlands of Jordan.  The water is heated to 63 degrees Celsius by lava fissures as the water makes its way from the highlands to eventually empty into the Zarqa River.

The Ma’In Hot Springs is a desert oasis, of interesting geography and health restoring waters.  Be sure to visit and prepare to be amazed!

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