Irbid Jordan


Irbid is the 3rd largest city in Jordan in terms of population. Located approximately 70km north of the capital city of Amman, Irbid is a bustling, busy metropolis. Irbid is a large transportation hub for the surrounding area, which means you will likely pass through the city even if it’s not on your itinerary.

Irbid, while not as historically significant as some other areas of Jordan, is still a fascinating and beautiful city. Whether you plan to spend weeks there or just explore for a day, you will surely be satisfied with this lively city. Irbid is home to many colleges and universities, most notably Yarmouk University and the Jordan University of Science and Technology. There are also a variety of interesting museums within the city limits, including the Jordan Natural History Museum and the Museum of Jordanian Heritage, both of which are conveniently located on the beautiful campus of Yarmouk University.

Irbid is widely considered to be the cultural capital of Jordan. It is inhabited by many of Jordan’s young people, which make it considerably more progressive than many surrounding cities. Irbid is filled with a rich blend of ancient and modern cultures, evidenced by the city’s focus on modern technology. Irbid is home to so many internet cafes that it actually holds the world record for most internet cafes per capita, a strange claim to fame indeed. There is a very active nightlife scene in Irbid, which is no surprise considering that the city is home to some 70,000 college students.

While certainly not the most interesting tourist attraction in Jordan, Irbid can serve as a sort of base of operations for a Jordanian vacation. Its central location makes it a good starting ground for those wishing to explore the Jordan Valley, and its size makes it easy to find transportation to pretty much anywhere in the country. Even if it’s not on your list of things to see, Irbid is well worth a visit!


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